Tell me more about 2nd Vault

What is 2nd Vault?

2nd Vault is your digital binder where you will gather the information that is important to you and it leaves you with peace of mind knowing that everything is in one place. 2nd Vault streamlines the process of gathering only the information that you feel is necessary to be included all in one place. It is an easy to access spot to access information when you need it.

Who Needs 2nd Vault

You do. 2nd Vault is a secure digital binder to store any important information to you.  We are all unique and all desire the ability to direct what we share with others. 2nd Vault allows you the ability to do just that. This is YOUR vault with YOUR rules on what is kept inside and who can access it.

Must I complete every question asked of me?

NO. One of the benefits of 2nd Vault is that it is your personal binder to include only what you want to include – no pressure as it’s up to you what you write in it. We took the thinking out of it for you as it has been divided into 7 manageable sections.  Each section of the memoir provides a printable checklist letting you know the key items you should grab before you sit down to write. This will save you time and is a more practicable approach to recording your information. We know that your time is valuable and we are not here to waste it.

Can I create a 2nd Vault account on behalf of someone else? (Examples include my parents or relatives)

YES. Keep in mind however that for the platform to be useful and relevant to the confidant you will need the personal contact details of the person when creating the account. It will only give control to that person in the completion process. For the purposes of security, we do not have the feature that would allow someone other than the user to manage another person’s account.

What do I need to set up an account?

A computer/device, working email address and a cell phone.

I do not live in the United States and am not from the United States. Can I use 2nd Vault?

Absolutely. There is a great value that 2nd Vault can provide for you, however, keep in mind that the templates that ask for physical location information were developed primarily for a United States-based user.

Your information is safe in 2nd Vault

How secure is 2nd Vault?

Very. Your safety is our top priority. We understand that we must earn your trust and are committed to regular upgrades to our security features to ensure we are providing the most current security and protection measures.

Some of the security measures we implement include:

  • All data is saved in an encrypted format and every user is assigned a unique encryption key which is rotated on a periodic basis.
  • Unauthorized access to the server is database lock (DB) prevented.
  • Information is not stored on your system or browser and all data is transferred to the server under 256-bit encryption through SSL.
  • Two-factor authentication is offered as an additional layer of protection to safeguard your information even if your password is known to someone.
  • Other than your basic profile information (your name, email address, phone number, and confidant information), nothing else is visible to the 2nd Vault team.
  • There is one layer of manual verification that is required before your confidant obtains access to your memoir. You will communicate this in your account set-up.
  • Your confidant will need a code to retrieve the memoir that will be provided to you upon set-up.

The team at 2nd Vault hopes that you see we are extremely serious about the safety and security of your information.

If at any point you need to reach us you can email us at

What is two-factor authentication and why is it needed?

The team at 2nd Vault is serious about the security and safety of your information. Security and a streamlined process were the two major pillars that we declared as top priorities during development. With two-factor authentication, we added an extra layer of security to your account access. In the event that someone knows your account ID and password, the person will still need access to your phone or email to access your memoir. This measure reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your account.

If at any point you need to reach us you can email us at

What if I do not have access to my cellular phone?

There is a provision that allows you to also receive a one-time password (OTP) on your registered email address. If you do not have your mobile phone you can visit your email to collect the OTP sent by the system.

If at any point you need to reach us you can email us at

Do I have the ability to deactivate the two-factor authentication security feature on my account?

Yes. This is your choice and can be changed under the “My Account” section of your account. You can activate or deactivate this extra layer of security from the “My Account” section of 2nd Vault at your discretion.

If at any point you need to reach us you can email us at

Does the 2nd Vault team have access to the information in my memoir?

No. We are committed to your privacy and security. The support team will only have access to your name, email address, phone number, and confidant information. Having this limited information allows the 2nd Vault team to provide you with the basics in the event you request assistance. All of the information you save in your memoir can only be accessed by you or your confidant under the conditions that you set. Additionally, all of the information that you add to your memoir is saved on servers in an encrypted format, across numerous servers in pieces (data chunking), not allowing one to decrypt the information.

If at any point you need to reach us you can email us at

Can I share it with someone else?

Who and What is a confidant in 2nd Vault?

You can assign a confidant which is your backup person that if you can’t access it or get to it they can. This should be someone you trust and have put consideration into selecting. This may include but is certainly not limited to a family member, spouse, close friend, special person, or a trusted arranged professional. Though not required, we recommend that you inform your confidant that you are selecting them and discuss the process as much as you feel comfortable. The more they are included in the process, the more empowered and at-peace you and they may feel when the time comes for them to begin the retrieval process. Take your time deciding and always do what feels comfortable and right to you.

How do I add a confidant to 2nd Vault?

You will add this person to the account setting section of the memoir. You will have the ability to only add one confidant to your account.

Do I have the ability to change who my confidant is?

Yes. The process is simple to do. You will have to delete your existing confidant and then choose the option to add a new one. The process of designating the confidant will be the same process you went through during the initial set-up under the account settings section.

How will the confidant obtain access to 2nd Vault?

Your confidant will have to complete a form and submit a retrieval request. 2nd Vault will share the basic account information immediately considering it’s urgent and time-sensitive post the automated verification process through the OTP. Access to the entire account will require your confidant to wait for 14 calendar days to receive full access once all credentials are submitted to the team at 2nd Vault. Please view the “The Retrieval Process” section of this website to obtain greater detail on the process.

What documents are deemed valid for the retrieval of your 2nd Vault account?

Your user-designated confidant can upload any of the following documents for retrieval. One of the four documents will be used for verification.  These documents will be verified by the 2nd Vault team before granting full access to the user-designated confidant:

  • Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Passport

What will be provided to my user-designated confidant under the immediate basic access feature?

Basic access is defined by 2nd Vault as providing the following information immediately after a retrieval request is made by the user-designated confidant:

  • Personal Information: Only medical providers, dental providers, and medication list details from this section of the memoir is provided.
  • End of the life planning: Access to all information from this section completed by the user is provided to the confidant which may include information from potential pre-paid funeral expenses to your obituary.
  • Physical Locations of Documents section: Access to only the Unplanned absence information from this section that has been uploaded by the user is provided to the confidant which may include documents from a DNR form to a durable power of attorney.

Once the retrieval is successfully completed, we permanently purge the account data after 30 days. We will only preserve the user profile information, confidant information, retrieval information, and data of reminder emails sent to the confidant to maintain a paper trail. The rest of the data will be permanently deleted from our database. The following data will be saved in our system even after account retrieval:

Below is the list of valid documents for retrieval. These documents will be verified by the 2nd Vault team before granting full access to the confidant:

Basic access is defined by 2nd Vault as providing the following information immediately after a retrieval request is made by the user-designated confidant: