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Seamlessly integrates into your current tech stack to give your clients an unparalleled experience where they can secure and organize their family’s important information – ID’s, property, insurance, tax, legal and more.

Our integrations create a seamless workflow, connecting you with the tools necessary to get things done – on your terms.

What is2ndVault?

2ndVault secures and organizes your family’s important information — family ID’s, money, property, pet information, insurance, taxes, legal information and more.

A streamlined platform to access your information whenever and wherever you need it.

Invite a family member or trusted professional to quickly update your estate documents, your spouse’s ID, or your kid’s insurance. 2ndVault is a workspace that works for all.

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Gives YouFlexibility

2ndVault is revolutionizing the way we secure our critical and sensitive information. With our business to business to client SaaS platform, users can effortlessly transfer data to a highly-secured digital vault provided by trusted their financial professionals – all from an intuitive user guided on-boarding experience!

Keep your informationsafeand easy to find

2ndVault Simplifies Your Life

Say Goodbye to old junky binders and outdated files

17 years of experience helping people for best solutions

Your Stuff:

Organize what is in disconnected locations today in one place. Think digital files, paper files, Safety Deposit Keys and more.

Your Rules:

Securely share your entire vault, a section of your vault or a small piece of your vault with those that you trust at a time you define.

Your Personal Assistant:

Receive reminders and alerts about important dates.

Your Comfort Level:

Have peace-of-mind knowing that you decide where you want to save this information. Stick to where you are already comfortable.

Your Trusted Professional:

Have the necessary confidence that you can choose to have your professional provider collaborate with you and have them share information directly to your vault.

Focus on your Business

36 years of combined professional experience!

Many professional service providers are evolving from a commodity-based model to one of long-term client loyalty. Professional providers must focus on creating strong, lasting relationships with their customers and utilizing digital tools like our vault services to open up new doors for generational planning opportunities. With technology allowing us more freedom than ever before, the future is bright for those who embrace this shift in priorities.

2ndVault has created an engaging experience that not only excites customers but also bolsters their trust in their current provider. This innovative approach is bringing in extra revenue and encouraging people to stick with the company due to its unique benefits.

2ndVault Simplifies Life

We Bring The Digital Vault Alive

2ndVault connects everything in a person’s life in one easy-to-use platform. Our secret sauce is how we work inside the most widely used cloud-based storage and fintech solutions. We meet the user where they are already comfortable and provide an enhancement. We provide a user-guided experience on what to store in an otherwise empty filing cabinet.


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2ndVault allows me to rest at night knowing my clients are utilizing the digital vaults supplied by 2ndVault.




Streamline Your Tech Stack

Our integrations create a seamless workflow, connecting you with the tools necessary to get things done - on your terms.

We partner with industry-leading providers to provide a secure and seamless client experience, offering our clients an impressive array of solutions—from CRMs to financial aggregators. Our commitment is simple: delivering quality data security and exceptional service every step of the way.