Set yourself apart from the competition as the most trusted professional your clients work with.

With the addition of 2ndVault’s technology in place, you’re free to focus on what’s most important: deepening client relationships, delivering more personalized planning, guidance and advice, and growing your practice without adding more human capital.

Returns are essential for client satisfaction, but over the long-term a relationship also provides value far beyond this. Building an understanding of how we can weather any storms together is key to helping clients reach their goals.

You must embrace and offer new technology

Apple and Google have set a new bar for the customer experience. A ThoughtLab survey showed that 44 percent of clients were frustrated that they couldn’t view all their investments in one place, and 49 percent said they select firms and professional service providers by the intuitive digital experience they provide1.

Clients are demanding you take your relationship to the next level

A lack of personal connection would lead 25 percent of clients to leave their professional provider, according to a study from MIT AgeLab and AIG.2 Another study highlights the importance of showing you care about your client beyond just their financial needs.

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