2nd Vault is a digital binder for you to store what you need at your fingertips.

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In simplest terms, it’s a safe place to have all of your stuff in one place.

What is stored in 2nd Vault

Digital Vault

2nd Vault is one place for you to store and organize your relevant information to be saved and shared in a secure and uniquely convenient way. For more details on our security measures click here.

Your Digital Vault

Your Digital Vault

2nd Vault platform allows you to save all of your unique and delicate information in one place with great convenience and the necessary security measures in place.

Best-in-class Data Protection

Best-in-class Data Protection

2nd Vault uses the best and most modern security practices to ensure your information is stored and encrypted.

User Only Access

User Only Access

You and ONLY the person authorized by you will have access to your information; not even us.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

2nd Vault uses two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security to access your account. This is optional and can be deactivated under the “My Account” section.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on

A security measure is used to identify multiple sessions and terminate them to give only one person access at a time.

Automated Account Retrieval

Automated Account Retrieval

The retrieval process is automated and secure. There is a manual verification process that heightens security, however, our team will never have access to your data.

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Do you hold information that will affect others in your absence?

YES, and I know I need to tell someone where it all is but do not know where to begin.

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Do you pay the majority of the bills and manage the finances for your family?

YES, and I want to ensure my loved ones are equipped to access the information in my unplanned absence.

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Have you captured all of your personal information in one place?

NO, but I know that I need to.

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How does it work?

2nd Vault is a way to securely store all of your personal and important information. It is the peace of mind, in knowing, those that you and the ones you love will be able to access important information quickly today and in the future if you are not available.

If you are a spouse, sibling, child, guardian, loved one, or a friend, 2nd Vault allows you to quickly and conveniently access personal information. During a time of unease, it eliminates the stress of searching through paper or electronic files and spending valuable time in search of answers.

We understand the tremendous importance of providing a high level of security for your information. We provide a highly secure platform and have the proper controls in place to ensure only those authorized by you, have access to your information.

No credit card required upon enrollment.

How is your information secured?

We will earn your trust in 3 ways:

Providing transparency to the process to avoid confusion and surprises


Ensuring that you maintain control of your own information


Securing your information by utilizing four security methods highlighted below

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User Encryption Keys

Your security starts with your own personal encryption key (a complex string of characters). Each unique user key is further rotated on a periodic basis to ensure your information is locked until you want to see it.

Data Chunking

Once your information is saved to the 2nd Vault platform, it is chopped into pieces and stored across multiple physically separated servers. Any potential unauthorized access to a single server means an intruder will not be able to piece your information together.

End-to-end Encryption

2nd Vault will never automatically store information on your device. As your information is transmitted, stored on our server, and every point in between it is encrypted with military-grade 256-bit AES. Your information will never be stored or transmitted in plain text.

Layered Encryption

Your information is further protected with state-of-the-art physical security, multi-factor authentication, instantaneous backups and 3rd party audited. Security has been layered on top of security to ensure your data is safe, secure, and accessible by you at all times. Your information is never accessible by us.

Why become a member?

Organizing what is most important to us today gives you the time and peace of mind to live your life with the freedom of knowing the most important information you need is stored securely and is accessible to you now, and for those that you love should they need the information when you are not able. We are often challenged in identifying WHAT information you need and determining WHERE to capture and record it all.

2nd Vault will customize the information relevant for you based on a series of simple YES or NO questions and then guide you to save only the necessary pieces of information.

2nd Vault allows you to provide your information at your own pace and leads you through the process in an efficient, easy to follow way. Our goal is to ensure you are not overwhelmed by the process and that you feel freer to focus on the things in life that matter most to you.

No credit card required upon enrollment.
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Questions in mind?

What is 2nd Vault?

2nd Vault is your digital binder where you will gather the information that is important to you and it leaves you with peace of mind knowing that everything is in one place. 2nd Vault streamlines the process of gathering only the information that you feel is necessary to be included all in one place. It is an easy to access spot to access information when you need it.

Who Needs 2nd Vault

You do. 2nd Vault is a secure digital binder to store any important information to you.  We are all unique and all desire the ability to direct what we share with others. 2nd Vault allows you the ability to do just that. This is YOUR vault with YOUR rules on what is kept inside and who can access it.

Must I complete every question asked of me?

NO. One of the benefits of 2nd Vault is that it is your personal binder to include only what you want to include – no pressure as it’s up to you what you write in it. We took the thinking out of it for you as it has been divided into 7 manageable sections.  Each section of the memoir provides a printable checklist letting you know the key items you should grab before you sit down to write. This will save you time and is a more practicable approach to recording your information. We know that your time is valuable and we are not here to waste it.

Can I create a 2nd Vault account on behalf of someone else? (Examples include my parents or relatives)

YES. Keep in mind however that for the platform to be useful and relevant to the confidant you will need the personal contact details of the person when creating the account. It will only give control to that person in the completion process. For the purposes of security, we do not have the feature that would allow someone other than the user to manage another person’s account.

What do I need to set up an account?

A computer/device, working email address and a cell phone.

I do not live in the United States and am not from the United States. Can I use 2nd Vault?

Absolutely. There is a great value that 2nd Vault can provide for you, however, keep in mind that the templates that ask for physical location information were developed primarily for a United States-based user.

Once the retrieval is successfully completed, we permanently purge the account data after 30 days. We will only preserve the user profile information, confidant information, retrieval information, and data of reminder emails sent to the confidant to maintain a paper trail. The rest of the data will be permanently deleted from our database. The following data will be saved in our system even after account retrieval:

Below is the list of valid documents for retrieval. These documents will be verified by the 2nd Vault team before granting full access to the confidant:

Basic access is defined by 2nd Vault as providing the following information immediately after a retrieval request is made by the user-designated confidant: